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Nursery or not?

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Shil0846 Thu 18-Dec-14 22:03:17

My DS is due to start nursery (4 afternoons a week for 2 hours) when he turns 2 yrs 5 months.

I am a SAHM and look after him 24/7. We go to classes (swimming, music, soft play, football) every morning and also have play dates. Whilst he's sociable, he is not used to being without me and on the rare occasions I've left him with a visiting family member he's gone ballistic.

I'm therefore worried whether nursery is right for him at this stage & I should wait til he's 3, or whether I'm over thinking this?

The 2nd problem is that nursery is 1-3pm. They don't offer morning sessions for the littlest ones. This is right when DS currently naps. Although we can build up to it to make it easier for him, he is a little terror when overtired, which isn't going to help.

I'd really appreciate some advice on this.

MicronesiaIsMyHome Thu 18-Dec-14 22:08:11

Is there any reason for him to go. to nursery? It does sound like you do lots of things with him and the nursery is in addition to that. Personally I would be keeping him home. and letting him nap in the afternoons as usual.

TheColdDoesBotherMeAnyway Thu 18-Dec-14 22:12:05

Could you find a playgroup instead for a few hours in the morning? What is it you want to gain from nursery? My youngest is the same age and goes 2 days a week for me to work, she has a ball but if I didn't need her to go I'd probably just send her to the local playgroup for messy play and socialisation. She naps in the afternoon too, it's a bit hit and miss whether she sleeps on nursery days but she's there all day, if I was paying for only 2 hours I wouldn't send her at nap time.

ilovepowerhoop Thu 18-Dec-14 22:13:41

Neither of mine went until they got their free hours at age 3. They had stopped napping by then too

AnnaD25 Thu 15-Jan-15 00:29:02

I never sent my kids until they were 3, Its up to you what you do. maybe try it, You can always change your mind later x

Messygirl Thu 15-Jan-15 01:07:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ImLizawithaZ Thu 15-Jan-15 01:20:52

There's no need for him to go yet, keep on as you are, it sounds fun smile

mipmop Thu 15-Jan-15 03:35:25

I wouldn't send him to an afternoon place until he is well past having afternoon naps (in the initial months after dropping the afternoon nap, he may be too tired for nursery and better with you, doing something quiet at home.)

I'd defer the place and continue as you are. Let him become happy with other caregivers in a secure way, on his schedule. Not when he's exhausted, as it could backfire. By age 3 the situation could be quite different. And if not, maybe a morning session or morning activity (where the parents aren't required) could be good. (E.g. enjoy-a-ball, which is a sports franchise that my 3.5yo loves, or gymnastics etc at your local leisure centre.)

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