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Nurseries in Chelsea/Fulham ... feeling overwhelmed

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floweringcurrant Tue 15-Jul-14 14:52:22

First time mum with an 18 month old daughter here. Looking at finding her a spot for next year, January if possible. Has anyone experience of Tadpoles and Pippa Poppins ? Or any other strong recommendations Would very much appreciate any feedback, advice .....

LOOKINGATU Wed 16-Jul-14 20:12:03

Yes ,Tadpoles has a fantastic outside space ,garden and playground .The kids garden.The garden has won prizes and the kids cook what they grow .Tiny Forest school in London .Also the head gives lots of advice and help re next schools and really tries hard for parents .Pippa poppins is much prettier and more perfect but hey ---A LITTLE BIT OF

floweringcurrant Thu 17-Jul-14 10:27:37

thanks lookingatyou for that - makes total sense, there is a sort of perfect vibe at PP isnt there

JBug Wed 10-Jun-15 12:21:46

Tadpoles on Park Walk has nice grounds, and is good if you want to send your child to a non-selective school or state school or less academically competitive school. It doesn't however have great results for more academic girls schools such as Falkner House, Glendower, Ken Prep. It has one child going to these schools this year, and that is on a sibling policy. It depends on what your plans are. If you want a more traditional nursery, then go pippa popins. if you want a play based nursery (lots of fun but less learning based and less good results perhaps for onward schools), go with Tadpoles.

user1494882341 Fri 08-Dec-17 11:55:27

Hello! I have an offer for both tadpoles and pippa popins too. Does anyone have any different advice to JBug? We would like to maximise options of getting into Kensington Prep or some of the selective schools. We already were going to go with Tadpoles but reading the above and having just had an offer from PP I wanted to check what views anyone has?? I have to respond on 3 days...any help?? smile gosh this school topic is so stressful!!!

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