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Deputy pre-school assistant interview

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ConstantineTheGreat Wed 09-Jul-14 14:21:27

Hi all
long time lurker, occasional poster, I am hoping you can help me
I have an interview next week and would really like to hear any suggestions you may have.

I currently hold a N.V.Q level 3 with teaching assistant qualifications and a degree in Early Childhood Studies and Psychology. I really would like to get this position in order to develop a good career in this field, this is my best age group as I covered in a school with this age cohort last year.
Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated, many thanks smile

nurserychain Wed 09-Jul-14 14:50:11

Just be yourself, take a breath and think before you answer each question and you'll be fine!

ConstantineTheGreat Wed 09-Jul-14 16:21:45

thank you, nurserychain, I honestly would do the job for nothing I loved it last time,
but I am scared I want it too much, lol. Now my twins are 8 just feel like it's my career time IYSWIM.

I am thinking shark in the park to read to them on Monday....

nurserychain Wed 09-Jul-14 17:15:58

Oh are you having an interview with the children too? When we've interviewed staff, we can see when people are nervous, and don't hold it against them. Your passion will shine through and if you're right for the job, they will pick you, because honestly, it does show. But if you don't get it, there's a reason for everything and it just means your perfect job is waiting around the corner!

ConstantineTheGreat Wed 09-Jul-14 21:59:22

Thank you it is really great to get honest feedback..
Yes they have asked me to read a story, had loads of practice at school so should be okay. I am going to cover lots of EYFS in terms or repetition and getting children to participate, getting them involved.

I was so excited to be rung I didn't think to ask how many children I am
reading to or the age range (other than 2-4 years) but I thought if I just really prepare and then just use my skills to best manage the situation. When I am nervous i will just have to remember not to be scared of the kids they usually love me smile (not a stealth boast!).

Yes you are right about if I don't get it, I can only try my best. I have researched typical question and have covered those, after the story do you think I will be expected to work the floor so to speak? will it be a thank you or a bit of time managing the children?
thanks in advance ...

nurserychain Thu 10-Jul-14 09:06:14

We normally ask successful interviewees to do a a few hours trial with the children at a later date, so a few hours where we observe interaction with the children from afar but initial interviews are just with management. Tbh I wish you were applying to us as the majority of candidates we get don't seem to put in half the preparation you have! Even for managers positions!

Superfurryanimal77 Thu 10-Jul-14 16:56:54

Awh, thank you! I have had twins and retrained see, It has taken me years and years and years [lol]. I started listening to readers in my son's class when he was four, he is 19 next smile

I am keen because I have worked hard, gone to uni done a multitude of jobs and have found my niche IYSWIM... having a job you enjoy and are happy to get up in a morning for means everything to me [ I sound like a very square Mary bloody Poppins now]

Like I say having come through the other side of having twins, raising an 18 year old and all of life's great adventures, at the grand old age of 37 I just want my career now, I have trained enough for it, ha ,ha.

I am very determined when I set my mind to something, we re-located to this village 3 years ago and I really want to establish myself in the local community and give something back. The nursery in question is a community over profit and I just realllllly want the job. Now I realise I am like a petulant child smile
Anyway, thank you for all your help, I will post back over the weekend with my plan of attack and then let you know how it went.

nurserychain Sat 12-Jul-14 13:02:09

Well you've definitely got the determination, you'll do fine. Best of luck!

Superfurryanimal77 Sun 13-Jul-14 14:14:54

Hi nursery chain

I am determined but I am a bit nervous now, I don't know if I read the advert wrong...there was no job specification / person specification, however having done LOTS of research today, other posts with the same title "Deputy Pre -School Play Leader" suggest I would be in charge when the Leader is not in and responsible for the setting???? does this ring true to you? I have the qualifications on paper within my degree, and I have trained dinner ladies / supervised students, but its a big jump for 6.53 an hour? Is it me?
I am still going to go for it, I have focused upon both interview questions just in case, I am going to bone up on safeguarding, EYFP and the 6 learning goals. Still reading shark in the park, was thinking maybe in a circle time activity.
Will let you know how it goes after tomorrow
Thanks again for all your help! smile

Superfurryanimal77 Fri 18-Jul-14 15:49:21

got the job! thanks again...

insancerre Fri 18-Jul-14 18:01:05

Well done!
Have hpu considered doing EYT?
It is funded for early years workers and is really worth doing.
I did the EYP and have never looked back. I run a nursery now and earning 50% more than I was just a childcare practitioner.

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