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Worried we've made the wrong choice re nursery

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PotatoQueen Mon 23-Jun-14 09:32:36

DD will be entitled to her 15 hours early education from Sept. She's gone to a private nursery from being a baby and we decided to leave her in the same nursery, where we'll get 15 hours knocked off the bill, rather than send her to a nursery attached to a school.
Main reasons being it will be easier for me with work, as I won't have to arrange pickups from school nursery or any extra care for school holidays. But we're now doubting our decision, I'm wondering whether it would be better for her to go to the school nursery as she will mix with children she will go to school with. I would then have to arrange for the private nursery to pick her up and have her until I've finished work, and also in school holidays.
Anyone with any advice or experiences?

MMmomKK Mon 23-Jun-14 22:51:05

I would not worry - you'll have years coordinating school pick ups, activities and holidays. Nothing wrong with making it it easier for one more year for you.

For your daughter - she'll have one more year at a place, where she feels comfortable and confident. And she wont' have to change twice. New nursery and new school. Not all of the kids in the nursery will end up at the same school, and there will inevitably be new kids joining the school. So, even though to the adults, nursery attached to school feels like they same thing, to children, moving from any nursery to school is still a change. And kids don't really like change!

There will be a lot of new kids joining the school, so she will be fine! And a little older and more ready for the change.

Enjoy your last year of nursery!

frankleybeeches Tue 24-Jun-14 20:32:55

Agree completely with MMmom. Much better for your daughter (and you). Had the same situation but it worked out fine.

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