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I don't like DS new nursery keyworker

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ninaprettyballerina Sat 17-May-14 09:35:29

I'm not sure if I can/should say something to nursery.
DS2 is 3.5 yrs and had been at nursery since 11 months. DS1 spent 4 years the too so I have no issues with the nursery or management etc. DS2 is very shy, is having speech therapy for some issues and generally lacks confidence around people he doesn't know. His most recent keyworker was fab. Spent a long time building his confidence, really got down to his level to talk to him one to one and develop his speech. she's now left and I really don't like his new keyworker. I've seen her around the nursery for a couple of years and find her loud, rude, impatient and seems uncaring. Ive seen several incidents that I didn't like (snapping and shouting at children) and I genuinely feel it will set DS2s progress back.
If I approached nursery and asked that his keyworker was changed as I didn't feel comfortable with this girl, would I be seen as unreasonable?

Kif Sat 17-May-14 09:43:20

It sounds like you could couch it in terms that weren't offensive to the worker - e.g. XXXX is loads of fun - but I think she might just be a bit full-on for DS. & linking it to the speech thing - if another worker has experience of that?

insancerre Sat 17-May-14 10:24:06

if oyu are not happy then you should ask for a new keyperson
i agree that he needs someone who is quiterer and calmer, especially if he has confidence issues
speak to the manager, it probably won't be the first time they have had this request

teacherlikesapples Thu 22-May-14 22:03:23

At most settings a key person won't be the only person that interacts with your child- just the person that settles them in & gathers the information for their progress checks. Even if your child got a new key person they would still have to be around this woman, and so will all the other children.

So it would be helpful for you to discretely share your specific observations with the manager, so they can be fed back to the member of staff. It is unacceptable for her to be shouting & snapping. It is not ok for her to be rude, impatient & seem uncaring (give specific examples of what you have seen to make you think this) A person like this is toxic to have around such young children, but the only way she will change or leave is if people complain & give evidence/examples for the manager to address with her (not just " she seems a bit rude")

Put them in the context of the previous key person & what your child needs to thrive. You are not making this personal, just standing up for what your child needs & deserves.

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