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where do i find out about local preschools?

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lighteningmcmama Thu 15-May-14 22:53:45

i tried the preschool alliance website but that didn't have many, i'm sure there are more nearby. then i tried the LA website, but i can only select 'nursery' on their options and not specifically preschool, so it brings up loads of private settings. is there another place i can get a list? thanks

gallicgirl Thu 15-May-14 22:55:59

If there's a family information service at your local council, give them a xall to see if they can filter list.

I think it's also possible to search through OFSTED'S website.

Longdistance Thu 15-May-14 22:57:00

I just googled to see where mine were, and rang a few local schools that I thought may have a preschool.
Local council website maybe?

lighteningmcmama Thu 15-May-14 23:01:01

thanks i'll try those suggestions!

insancerre Fri 16-May-14 13:20:05

Try also day
Searching through ofsted reports is ahood way as you will get allswttongs that ate registered
Try searching for reports for your postcode

BackforGood Fri 16-May-14 13:36:34

If you type 'Family Information Service' into google, then it gives them all, listed by County.
A FIS should have all registered groups known to it.
Another place to ask would be your local CC - they should know what's about in your locality.

lighteningmcmama Tue 20-May-14 20:59:37

Thanks all I found lists on both of the local Family information services near me. Many thanks!

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