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Any experience with Campsbourne primary school nursery in N8?

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eversomuch Wed 07-May-14 13:18:12

DD has just been offered a place at the Campsbourne primary school nursery. We're new to the area, so I would be grateful for any info about experiences at the nursery. DD is quite sensitive and introverted and had a hard time at a noisy, chaotic preschool earlier this year, so we are concerned about finding a place that will make the effort to help get her acclimated to the school environment, interacting with other kids, etc.

The other options we've identified so far are 345 and Rainbow Preschools in N10, and my impression was that rainbow might be too chaotic for her.

Campsbourne is not our nearest primary school, though, so she would most likely only be attending for nursery.

Would also welcome other suggestions an easy walk from Muswell Hill Bway as we don't have a car.

Prevcious1924 Fri 27-Oct-17 16:44:30


I know it's a really old thread, but did you take up the place at Campsbourne nursery? I'm looking at that too for my little one , so any info appreciated. I'm probably going to sound crazy , but the one thing that's putting me off is that the perimeter gates surrounding the nursery look quite low?? Not so worried about children escaping , more worried about someone getting . I'm being over anxious right?

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