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Learning activity books for 3 year old

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muddyprints Wed 19-Mar-14 16:33:07

Dd2 is 3.4 she starts nursery September.
I'm looking for a book for her to write letters properly and basic counting and numbers, any recommendations.
The kids magazines for £3 are mainly stories and counting to 3 so expensive for what they are.
She knows most letters phonetically, is trying to write her name and mom and dad by copying and can read cvc words.

Ferguson Wed 19-Mar-14 19:05:02

She will start to learn things 'properly' at school. Nursery should be for playing, gaining independence, social skills, physical activities (bikes, climbing frame etc), colouring, painting, junk modeling, etc.

I was a TA in primary schools for over twenty years, including nursery. There is not much to be gained from formal 'teaching' yet, so just read to her, with her, count things, 'tea party' sharing plates and cakes, biscuits with dolls/teddies. Encourage looking at everything on walks in town, park, or country, TALK and encourage her to respond, describing what she sees, hears, smells, etc

Watch Alphablocks and other suitable Cbeebies programmes, and discuss things with her, don't just leave her to view on her own.

In MN book reviews 'Children's educational books and courses' I reviewed the Oxford Phonics Spelling Dictionary, which can be used with very young children PROVIDED they get adult support. Encourage 'mark making' (emergent pretend writing), drawing, colouring, painting etc but DON'T labour correct formation; give her free rein to discover and do what SHE wants, (not what you think she should want.)

muddyprints Wed 19-Mar-14 19:53:36

Thanks for the reply, we do swimming, gym tots, walks, park, scooter, craft, painting, drawing, colouring, Lego, farms, cars, tea parties, dolls, she talks non stop and tells stories and rhymes and plays imaginary games with her sister so is allowed to play a lot.
She is very interested in letters all of a sudden, she spots letters on signs on walks, she asks about number plates, she writes her name on the bottom of her work at playgroups, she says I'm going on the slide s for slide, I've made a new friend called Rebecca her name starts with a r. She is taking the lead.
When her sister sits to do homework dd would like a book to do, she is asking for one, but the Collins ones in supermarket look a bit boring.
I also wondered if when she writes a letter e I should tell her where to start from but it seems from your reply you think I shouldn't at the moment which is fine.

tiredandsadmum Wed 19-Mar-14 19:58:46

Usborne do wipe clean books for age 3+

TwinkleTwinkleNeverwhere Wed 19-Mar-14 20:02:18

I've just bought dd a book from Home Bargains in which you use a whiteboard type pen to trace over different lines and shapes in the book then the pen can be wiped off so book can be used over and over again, it was only 2 quid. They also had ones for numbers and letters but dd is only 2 so the shapes interest her more just now.

I agree with learning through play and the world around you at this age but dd loves her 'magic book' as she calls it, especially for when she's tired and needs some quiet time.

There is also a peppa pig book which is same wipe clean idea but has lots if different activities more to do with drawing and creativity- she loves that one too.

muddyprints Wed 19-Mar-14 20:43:49

Thank you that wipe clean one sounds ideal will have a look for it.

Izzym82 Mon 17-Jul-17 09:44:18

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