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!st ever Interview TA Childcare assistant ERRRKKK HELP

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weekendgirl66 Thu 06-Mar-14 18:19:14

Now i know the title looks bad and you may think why or how have you got a interview if your asking here,,, but the truth is I'm so so out of practice on interviews i feel i may walk in and forget my name confused.
I am qualified to level 3 and working with Preschool Children as a Childminder, i do have some school experience with older children helping out as a volunteer... Now Ive got a Interview and would love advice so i don't make myself look a fool hmm. I have been asked to do a 10 minute language development activity based on a story. So yes i do this with little people with books every day, the very hungry caterpillar or the bear hunt being particular favorites,, but what do they look for in a interview based assessment?? Any advice would be truly appreciated wine

Dontassume Fri 07-Mar-14 14:01:28

Would this help you at all? Please don't take this the wrong way but I can see your grammar being a problem. Commas should only be used alone, as should '?'. 'Favorite' is spelled 'favourite', unless you are in the US? The titles of books should have capital letters also. And the context you have used 'your' in should be 'you're' (as in short for 'you are') I know these things are not important on a thread on the internet but I worry that they will for you in an interview situation as part of your job will probably involve checking children's punctuation, grammar and spelling, maybe you just need to address these things in preparation? I, in fact made several spelling mistakes writing this answer but then I am not a TA, thank God! grin

Good luck with your interview. thanks

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