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Has anyone been to Socatots?

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EmmaKB Thu 10-Aug-06 17:05:13

Thinking of enrolling ds 2y11m in Socatots classes. Has anyone tried them and what do you think?

sherburnsherburn Mon 20-Jun-16 01:27:59

was this in sherburn?x

MummyOf3children Fri 04-Mar-16 17:48:20

We went to little kickers and wasn't that impressed, we ended up going to pro elite football academy and my daughter wakes me up early every saturday and sunday morning now! I'd definitely give them a go, they cater from ages 18 months to 16 years too so they have a real family atmosphere about them. Love it! Their website is for those interested

Honez Mon 17-Mar-14 22:22:39

Don't waste your money, bexley socatots is rubbish, expensive and isn't as good as the 2 pound a session at the children centre.

The next one up soccer bexley school is only good if your kid is one of Lloyd'sfavourites. The others just make up the numbers, don't get on the team or much attention although it's supposed to be for everyone. I wish I had known this earlier and put my kid into a different football club to begin with...sidcup spartak are very good.

bibblebubble Thu 12-May-11 12:35:46

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

sheilaparkin Thu 31-Mar-11 10:15:44

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Ktb29 Sun 31-Oct-10 22:20:24

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

SandyChick Mon 10-May-10 22:16:47

I took my ds for a block of 6 sessions but we didn't go back once these had ended.

The classes are just like previous post have said. My ds was just over 2 years. He enjoyed it but I was disapointed and thought it was over priced. We have done tumble tots too which is the same price and I think tumble tots is worth the money.

The socatots class we went to was held at socarena in Durham so has astro turf pitches etc but the class was held in a tiny room which was more like an office which they'd pushed the desks to the side to make space which was such a shame. Ds just wanted to have a run around on the pitches!

Stripycat23 Fri 16-Apr-10 16:37:57

Oh the first session is a taster session to make sure the child likes it. My friend took their son and he really didn't take to it even though my DS is his best friend. Socatots did not charge for the taster session as he didn't join in.

You order the kit after you've decided you want to do the course and don't have to order one if you don't want to.

Stripycat23 Fri 16-Apr-10 16:31:49

I'm a Socatots mum too! Been going for nearly a year (DS1 is 4 now). Would def recommend it.

When we first took DS1 he was really shy and didn't join in as much (took a few weeks to settle) but once he found his feet he thinks it's great. Brill for his balance, co-ordination, throwing and catching, running off some energy as well as learning the basics of football (I had no idea how to kick a ball either given than I'm a girl!). You start with a warm-up ie running round to music, then do some footie activities, play a game with the whole group (not a football match eg "how long left ref" a version of Mr Wolf), then cool down with a parachute game.

My local one is near Durham and there's sessions aimed at different age groups. Having said that my DS2 is starting this week with DS1 and he's not quite 2 years yet. I know he'll enjoy it as he's been dying to join in for a while now.

Ask Socatots about which sessions are suitable for you DC and give it a couple of weeks for them to overcome any shyness. Oh - and be prepared to join in yourself!! It's v good fun.

EmmaAaa Sun 28-Mar-10 21:51:27

I would highly recommend 'Little Sports Stars' fantastic coaching team, and my twin son and daughter loves it! heres there website,

debs227 Fri 19-Feb-10 22:19:53

I don't mean slower - i mean less keen on taking part!! lol, read it back and it sounded odd. sorry

debs227 Fri 19-Feb-10 17:30:47

My son goes to Little Kickers in Malvern and i can say it is fab. He started when he was 2 and we have been going for nearly a year and he really enjoys it.
I did have to sit with him for a couple of sessions, but now all the parents sit on the side.
I must say alot depends on the coach and ours is fab, he really gets there attention and even the slower ones are helped along.
But don't go expecting a football match, it is alot about learning skills and how to control the ball at this age.

manutdmom Thu 18-Feb-10 19:21:40

I am a proud Socatot Mom! My daughter Grace is enrolled her in Stratford, Ontario Canada in one of the many franchises. I think this is the best pre-schooler program out there hands-down. It teaches/reinforces everything form the alphabet, numbers, colours, balance, ball control, the parts of the foot, footy skills, manners, and plenty more!
The interaction/coaching is top-drawer and I love the class sizes. The best part is that it is fun for you and your child and the time you spend together is irreplaceable!
Love it!

kitpuss Thu 27-Aug-09 19:18:09

I take my 3yr old to Socatots and we really like it.

I like the way they bring in colours and numbers etc so it is educational, and that they play games with other things than a football, so it is not just about football.

I much prefer it to the tots gym session I have been to where they just do whatever they want for the whole time. Socatots seems much more like value for money, with a new game to do every 5 mins, so as soon as he begins to lose concentration on one thing there is a new game straightaway for him to get excited about.

And this summer when kicking a ball in the garden he has been kicking it using his toes, outside and inside of his foot, sole, heel and laces - just for fun without me telling him to - David Beckham eat your heart out grin

trubytrio Wed 29-Jul-09 00:28:52

I've been really lucky then. It's not cheap, but compared to other activities, not much more once you've got your membership. We have to pay sessions on top (like lyrasilvertongue) but NOT £8 that's a lot,ours is &5,and a good coach,new, but we and other parents are happy. Lyra, once you've got your membership(kit and stuff)i think you can go back at any time, your coach might be better in time? Can you go with your membership to another region? (friends went from bristol to barnsley for work reasons) might be worth a look so you don't feel you've wasted cash on kit etc.
As for the structure,if its just kicking a ball about you're after you're mad to waste your money on this,a park and some jumpers are free. But this is about the kids (and us) having some coaching with a bit of fun as well.... down to the coach i suppose.

BikeRunSki Tue 28-Jul-09 22:51:18

Our Sure Start centre is putting on Socatots over the summer for under ones (it is the local Socatots lady doing it, but paid by SS centre - result). We have been to 2 sessions. DS is 10 months and it is too structured for him! He is too mobile and independent to do waht the instructor wants him to do and the time she wants him to do it. But he does like the "freestyle" bit where he chases around after the balls.

I am glad I havn't paid for it.

LyraSilvertongue Tue 28-Jul-09 22:43:34

I think each class is different, as it's run as a franchise. Some people say the classes suited older children, but DS2's class suited younger children. Also we were asked to buy the kit before the first class. Our coach wasn't very good and was obviously new to the whole thing. If we'd done it in a different area with a different coach it might have been fine.

monkeypinkmonkey Tue 28-Jul-09 22:42:58

Was going to then saw how much it would cost... just couldn't afford it! After reading posts glad we didn't.

LyraSilvertongue Tue 28-Jul-09 22:39:13

DS2 did Socatots for a while and it was rubbish!
Most of his class was made up of toddlers, while he, at age 3, was much older. So there was no real football involved, just lots of messing about to keep the toddlers amused. We paid £8 a session ( plus more for the Socatots kit) and it was such a waste of money. I was glad when it came to an end (we'd paid for a course of sessions upfront to saw it out to the end).

MovingOutOfBlighty Tue 28-Jul-09 22:35:31

It was frickin' rubbish for my 3year old dd. Too structured and lots of kicking cones over but no just kicking a ball about.

Went 3 times, she hated it 3 times, gave it the boot.

trubytrio Tue 28-Jul-09 22:33:50

Bear with me, i'm very new to this forum sort of thing. My 2(boy nearly 3, girl 17 months) have been going to our local socatots since it 'came to town' 3 months ago. If you're looking for a free play run around then head to the park with a ball. If you're looking for a structured yet fun activity which uses footy as the 'medium' but includes songs,counting etc then this is it. Any session which ends in kids all encouraged to say their please and thank you's and encourage other children is great in my eyes. I attend other groups,fun now,but can see my kids growing out of them. With this, i can see them going right through till the final week. Football, rightly, has a poor image at the moment, it has to change in the future and this is a good start.

Anniek Mon 16-Mar-09 13:35:02

My Son loves little kickers, been doing it only a couple of months, he is 3.9 though. Also another little boy who started with him has dropped out, he just sat there and showed no interest in football, so I do think it is not for all.

CandCsmum Sun 15-Mar-09 21:27:37

I have been taking my daughter to Socatots since she was about 20 months. She is now 26 months. She loves it. There is sometimes though when she loves doing her own thing but other times she joins in great and can do the tasks great. I think it's all about learning and whatever each individual child can do then that's fine. All the more enjoyable when you see them progressing and start doing things they never could before. The coach we have in Renfrewshire is fab and it's only £4 a session and £20 for a kit and book. My daughter loves getting her kit on every week to go. There is no pressure what so ever to buy the kit and you are asked to make sure the child enjoys the classes and wants to stay before purchasing 1 and then it's only if you want to buy 1.

cmotdibbler Mon 15-Sep-08 16:44:58

My friend signed her 2 year old up for it - and cancelled after 1 session as it really wasn't appropriate for toddlers even though it said from 18 months

yummymummy1405 Mon 15-Sep-08 16:41:07

We did socatots with our ds who was nearly 2 at the time. I felt it was age inappropiate and everything would have suited a 4/5 year old a lot more. it was in my opinion too structured for toddlers and yes as someone else said save your money and go to the park!

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