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Lesson plans/activities for 17 month old

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docpeppa Mon 24-Feb-14 15:51:11

My DD is 17 months old, I am out of work at the moment so she doesn't go to nursery.

I was thinking of putting together a weekly timetable of fun activities, similar to what she would be doing if she was in nursery. Fun things we can do together.

Does anyone have any idea where I could get lesson plans or curriculum info for kids her age?

HSMMaCM Mon 24-Feb-14 17:16:33

You could look at the outcomes for children part of the EYFS (available online) and just think of fun everyday things to do around it.

You will probably find you're covering nearly all of it anyway. It is learning through play.

teacherlikesapples Tue 25-Feb-14 19:46:41

Children of this age learn best & most effectively through play.

So have a look at the EYFS to get an idea of the different things that she will be learning around this age. Try not to think of it as a checklist, children need the opportunity to repeat activities, practice skills & develop at their own pace.

Consider the things you child enjoys. What is she interested in? What captivates her & holds her attention?

Whatever it is, there will be several ways to add & extend on these interests. Use this information as your starting point for all your planning. It is possible to cover the whole curriculum, whilst following your child's interests.

Try and let her lead play as much as possible. You can set things up & have a rough plan for things you want to do, but try to be responsive to your observations & your child's interests as she demonstrates them. Sometimes her ideas may differ from your intentions- so instead of trying to control everything, instead relax & observe. Assuming she is safe- if she is engaged, she is learning.

Having a strict plan or a pre-determined outcome for activities limits your child's active exploration, self-discovery and development.

Set up activities that are open-ended. The following can encourage development in every area of the curriculum ( I can expand on this further if you want) :

* water play-There are so many different ways of setting this up different sized containers, coloured water, funnels, bubbles, ice cubes, straws.

* messy play-shaving foam, cornflour gloop, finger paint, mud, baby oil.

* Heuristic play

* Music & movement- experiment with instrument sounds. Make your own instruments with recyclable materials around your house.

I would be happy to help you think of activities & show you how they will help your child learn in all the areas of the curriculum- just let me know her favourite activities & a little bit about her. smile

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