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Pre-school Nursery @ George Watsons Edinburgh

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veenrass Wed 19-Feb-14 20:00:03

Hi, My little girl is due to start school Aug 16 and we have applied for George Watsons only, as I prefer co-ed schools ( I also have a little boy who will start school Aug 17 )and prefer the one campus to George Heriots being spread over a few sites. Any views/ experiences of watsons v heriots v edinburgh academy? Does anyone know what the entry assessment consists of? She is very bright and I wouldn't have concerns about her ability but the lack of spaces. Neither myself or Dh went to private schools so she get priority on that account.

If I put her in the pre school nursery for 1 year starting Aug 15 she would be guaranteed a space in P1. I have to get in quick though as you have to apply by end of April this year. Although I feel that 5 full days 9-3pm is quite a long time. Anyone got any experience of this, how did your children cope? My dd is in private nursery 2 full days a week at the moment. I have considered just the morning nursery 9-11:45 but seems no time at all, By the time I would be travelling from corstorphine to colinton. Also plan to have another baby in summer next year so will have newborn and toddler to transport along with dd!!

I could keep her in the nursery she is in, but then risk her not getting a place in p1, and don't as yet have her name down for any other back up schools. Anyone been faced with the decision and what did you do?

veenrass Wed 19-Feb-14 20:01:27

*Won't get priority

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