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Nurseries in Walton on Thames/Weybridge. Advice please!

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lifesobeautiful Tue 04-Feb-14 09:47:39

We're moving to Walton on Thames in April, and I wondered if there were any Walton-on-Thames/Weybridge mums who would be kind enough to recommend lovely nurseries (day or morning/afternoon sessions) to me? I'm looking for my 3yo DS. Would be very grateful!

Remmy123 Tue 18-Mar-14 10:04:09

I can help as I live in Walton.

My older son went to Danesfield Manor School Pre-School (very long waiting list), he loved it there and also got swimming lessons.

Toad Hall (West End, Esher) is VERY good � my friends children go there and it is lovely

Toad Hall is supposed to be good.

Honeypots Walton on Thames isn�t supposed to be good.

Fairmile Montesorri, Hersham � had a good reputation, I didn�t have a great experience and pulled my son out.

They are really all i know about � not sure about Weybridge

Good luck!

Islingtonfrethead Fri 02-May-14 21:38:15

Hi, I am doing same as OP end July and my DS is 2, so we seem to have missed the boat on danesfield and stagecoach as far as the nursery goes. Would anyone have a view on westward school and danesfield (we should be walking distance from both) v St George's (which will be a bit of a trek), from age 3 onwards? My DD is 4 months so I hope I have a little time to get it right for her once we move.

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