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Any experience of these nurseries/ montessoris in Nortwood/ Pinner please?

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AC786 Wed 29-Jan-14 18:13:20

I wonder if anyone has any experience of the following please?

They are:

The Hall, Northwood
Rosewood Montessori, Pinner
Oak lee
Hayden Hall
Woodlodge Montessori
Bright Horizon's at Mount Vernon

As well as providing a nurturing environment, I am interested to know if these are successful at girls getting into private schools at 4+ and if so, which ones please. Are there any others that are feeders? Thank you kindly!

NGK8019 Thu 19-Jun-14 16:21:20

Hi AC 786

You have asked the exact question that i have now. I was disappointed to see that you have not got any replies on this forum.

But how have you gone about it finally?
Am faced with the exact dilemma.

My little one has an offer from The Hall, Mt Vernon and Woodlodge and am trying to evaluate between the two. Based on my visits and interactions i would rate them at Woodlodge, Hall, Mt Vernon. But the ways of working are so different between The Hall and Woodlodge (being a montessori) , its really to make a decision. And following on to the question about private school admission - The Hall just feels more focused so more likely to aid the admission process. But that's just based on my evaluation of the nurseries from 2 visits.
Do you have any further inputs that i could use?

Soggysandpit Sat 21-Jun-14 11:24:43

In terms of feeding into good schools at 4+, you might get more replies if you post on primary education rather than preschool education - it seems a bit busier.

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