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late Preschool applicant

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Ashmama Mon 04-Nov-13 16:27:50

I am a new mum and all this is obviously new 2me. My son is 2 and 7mths basically will turn 3 the year 2014 in March and the catholic school i wanted him to go to "st james the Great" in thornton heath said its a bit too late though i can still apply and see what will happen='discretion Basis' i feel like my world is falling apart because had i known i would have started from day one. Any suggestions on how and what to do, because i really wanted him to go to this school? Thanx

OddBoots Mon 04-Nov-13 16:30:14

Pre-schools run to their own rules so you really need to ask them but you have absolutely nothing to lose in applying, worst case you'd go on a waiting list.

jellycat Mon 04-Nov-13 17:04:50

Just put in the application asap and have a look around at other pre-schools in the area. I'm sure there will be somewhere suitable with a place for him.

Are you worried because you don't think he'll be able to go to school
there once he is pre-school age? The school application process (assuming it is a state school) is separate from the pre-school process so you haven't missed the boat there. You cannot apply for a school place until the academic year before he turns 5. In our area the deadline for applications is some time in January (and I think this is typical for most areas) so you apply the January before the September when they are due to start. Most of them start at 4 (unless born right at the beginning of Sept in which case they may be 5 just before the start of their first term at school).


Sirzy Mon 04-Nov-13 17:08:25

Pre-school applications are seperate from school application system so that is irrelevant anyway even if he doesn't get into the pre-school it won't effect his chances of getting into the school.

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