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Enfield Nurseries

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Graceylou Wed 23-Oct-13 19:54:32

Hi all
I'm looking for a good nursery in Enfield. I'd be really grateful for any feedback and recommendations
Thank you

DiamondsAndRust Fri 08-Nov-13 20:23:39

Hi Graceylou, sorry for late reply - only just came across your post. I live in Enfield (no dc myself yet) but friends locally have used Cedar Park nursery just off the Ridgeway and were really happy with it. Think it's on the expensive side though. Other I've heard good things about are Goldstar near Forty Hill and The Nursery on the Green (by all accounts the owner there is very experienced). Really depends what part of Enfield you're in though!

Graceylou Sun 10-Nov-13 14:25:34

Hi thanks for your feedback. I've heard really good things about the three you are talking about, especially Goldstar. At which one is the owner the most experienced? Also, can you give me an insight to what you have heard about them all.
This is very much appreciated, thank you

minsmum Sun 10-Nov-13 14:30:17

My dd went to Bush hill park nursery. Its just opposite the train station, that was a long time ago mind, but she loved it. She is nearly 19 and still friends with some of the children she knew there even though they all went off to different primary schools.
My dn's went to cedar park and they also had a good experience.

DiamondsAndRust Wed 20-Nov-13 13:11:31

Hi again OP - sorry, only just saw your latest post as I don't check Mumsnet that regularly. Here's what I know about the nurseries I mentioned before. They are in different areas of Enfield, so I've also included the location of each one.

Cedar Park (just off The Ridgeway) - great facilities (huge, semi-rural site with lots of outside space); well-qualified staff and lots of 'extras' (I got the impression that it's quite 'high end' as far as nurseries go!). My friend was impressed with the amount of early phonics/number work they did (so much so that her DD found Reception quite dull in comparison), but this might not suit everybody. Quite expensive, though, and from what my friend says there are a fair number of very wealthy 'WAG'-type mums (Range Rovers, blonde hair extensions etc), but not to the extent that this was a massive issue!

Goldstar (Forty Hill) - according to several friends, has very caring and efficient staff and a calm, nurturing environment . Grounds nowhere near as extensive as Cedar Park (it's in a slightly more urban area and is hemmed in by houses) but does have some outside space. Think there might be a couple of previous threads about it on here if you do a search.

Nursery on the Green (Enfield Chase) - very experienced owner who has recently expanded into larger premises. Has just received an 'Outstanding' Ofsted. Again, excellent and well-qualified staff, and living locally I regularly see the older children out and about in the local area, visiting the library/park etc - always seems very well organised. Friends who have used it very happy with provision.

Might also be worth checking out Bush Hill Park as minsmum suggests - don't know it personally but it's in a nice area.

Graceylou Wed 20-Nov-13 19:36:14

Hi all
Thanks for all your feedback. I went to see all the nurseries you have all mentioned and have decided to go with Goldstar. The staff there were so lovely and made me feel extremely welcome. The manager was also lovely and was so thorough in showing me around and telling what they did, I could sense a real passion in what she did, along with the fact that she knew all the children and they all knew her was a big plus for me.
I saw some of the kids learning letters and numbers etc and was very impressed with the way the staff were teaching, their method was certainly working, as a few of the kids were reading, doing simple fractions etc.
Don't get me wrong, I did like the others, but I just didn't come away with the same feeling as I did when I went to Goldstar, it has a lovely atmosphere and all the kids looked really happy.

DiamondsAndRust Wed 20-Nov-13 20:24:28

Sounds like a great choice, Graceylou - have heard lots of good things about Goldstar. Am sure your DC will love it!

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