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Following children's interest 'music' I need some ideas for the planning :-)

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NotInTheMood Sun 06-Oct-13 11:25:04

I want some new fresh ideas such as what to have in the water, creative area etc. our prime area is speaking so we will singing nursery rhymes etc and I thought about putting items in a bag like star, boat and children have to think of a song about that item. We just seem to do the same things so need inspiring

insancerre Sun 06-Oct-13 14:02:54

If your prime area is speaking then does it really matter what you put in the water as long as an adult is on hand to model and extend language?
For a child interetsed in music you could
provide different musical instruments and talk about differences and simillarities and slow and fast, loud and quiet
make different musical instruments, e.g rainmaker, shaker, drum
make a marching band and sing nursery rhymes and play instruments
play the instruments outside
make a sound wall, inside or out
play sound lotto with different instruments
let the children explore a real keyboard or drum kit
invite a musician in to play for the children
use music to express emotions, eg slow for sad etc
make up songs
dance with ribbons, scarves
make up dance routines
do wake and shake
sticky kids cds

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