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Nursery until almost 5?

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Twattergy Thu 03-Oct-13 20:43:41

Ds is about to turn two. He is 3 days per week at aprivate nursery and about to move to the older group nursery where in theory he could stay until he starts primary school. He'll be old when he starts school (almost 5) as he's an early October baby and I'm wondering if others have experience of their child being in nursery at that age (as opposed to a pre school or nursery attached to a school). It's a lovely nursery but my hunch is that by the time he is heading towards 4 he might be bored and perhaps ready for a more school like setting? I work 4 days a week so am not keen on him doing short school length days s he can do 8 til 5.30 at nursery which firs in with my working day, so wouldn't change him to that schedule unless it brought him real learning/social benefit.

NK5BM3 Thu 03-Oct-13 21:00:13

Well my dd has just turned 3 (sept child) and she will be in the same nursery room now till she goes to school in 2 years time. My DS was at the same nursery (feb child) and so he spent 1.5 years in that Pre school room and it was fine.

If its a good nursery and he's happy then I wouldn't worry. They will adapt their teaching to his needs. And there is no need to be able to read or write by the time he goes to school. Mine couldn't and he left reception last year on reading level 8 (not a boast, just trying to say that he didn't lose out by not reading before he went to school!).

Twattergy Thu 03-Oct-13 21:24:40

Thanks NK that's useful to hear. It's not really the academic side I'm worried about it's more a fear of boredom/repetition and perhaps being around younger rather than older kids.So that it might feel a bit babyish for him?

HSMMaCM Fri 04-Oct-13 08:24:50

He'll be one of the oldest at pre school or school nursery as well and they'll be following the same curriculum. I wouldn't move him if he's happy, he'll have enough change to go through when he starts school.

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