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When does a newly elected committee officially take over their roles?

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purpleninja Tue 24-Sep-13 22:35:43

Bit of a complicated one but basically I have just resigned as Chairperson after only 1 year at our AGM and was fortunate to have plenty of keen parents to volunteer for the next committee. My main reason for resigning was that I (not just me but the whole committee) was not able to carry out our duties in the way that we felt necessary as we had constant refusal and hostility from the staff.

Anyway my situation is this, 2 weeks ago, 2 staff members resigned. As chairperson I drew up and application form,advertised the jobs made new job descriptions, finalised interview dates etc etc. At the end of the AGM I explained the situation to the new committee and the new Chair was not happy about me just handing everything over to her to deal with. I volunteered to stay until 1/2 term and new staff members had been appointed. However, a staff member informed the group that as I had resigned I should have no further dealings with the preschool and am not allowed to see any paperwork etc from this point.

My question is this really, doesn't the new committee have to have their checks and EY forms ok'd and everything before they can do anything? And would they be allowed to be on the interview panel without them?

purpleninja Thu 26-Sep-13 16:06:36

Think I've been in contact with just about every Agency you can think of!!! PLA, Lawcall, Early years Advisor, Devlopment worker and DBS all say the same as me. The new committee are not effectively a committee until their checks have been completed.

The Treasurer had also been told not to go in this week and sign off the monthly accounts and staff wages as the new treasurer would do it!! How could this be possible?!?!

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