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Need help with a kickstarter project for childs book for 2 - 5 year olds xx

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louiselench Thu 01-Aug-13 14:35:36

Hi Guys,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, and hopefully I'm not in breach of any of the rules fingers crossed

I've written a book for 2 - 5 year olds and we are trying to crowdfund it on kickstarter to avoid having to borrow money to get started. Everyone who pledges gets rewarded for their pledge by way of books, books to charity/children who need them, t-shirts, artwork and much much more (we really don't want money for nothing)

As it stands we have raised over £1,000 already but now have 30 hours left to hit our target of £3,000 which we need to go to print.

The kickstarter project is here:

I hadn't thought to post on here until it was mentioned to me as a potential way to reach mums who probably feel the same way I do about childrens books!

Here is some info about the book:


A charming story about 2 friends who visit the fair for the very first time. This is a calming book aimed at 2 - 5 year old children.


Louise was inspired to write childrens literature by her two year old son. Tired of buying books that she found distasteful and not very calming to a child's mind she embarked on her own mission. To create a set of characters and books which whilst still had an element of adventure were calming and balanced. Books you can read before bedtime that leave a childs mind calm and at peace ready for sleep.

Storyline's are simple, but Louise's books have a higher wordcount than your average child's book for this age range.

This is because Louise felt that the storylines in current children's books were too short in her own words:

"I felt like I wasn't giving my son enough with the books I was buying, whilst he is only 2 he wants and needs a longer narrative, with a storyline he can relate to. I found it almost impossible to buy books that gave me at least 15 minutes of reading time as a minimum with my son. So I set out to invent Flo and Teddy, initially I would make the stories up at bedtime, but he loved them so much I felt I needed to bring them out to the public. I am sure there are many other parents out there who feel the same way that I did." - L.E.Lench, 2013


Nick J.Townsend is an English artist and rock musician who fell in love with the two characters Flo and Teddy created by L.E. Lench and insisted on helping bring them to life through his illustrations.

Sick of seeing so many modern children's books filled with unimaginative art he ensured that the world of Flo and Teddy is warm, colourful, beautiful and inspiring for young readers. Nick spent a lot of time discussing with the author how each image should complement the narrative.

"In my youth, the pictures in a children's book were always closely bonded with the story, it's another window into the authors imagination and I made sure that L.E. Lench was completely happy with the development and look of Flo and Teddy" - Nick J.Townsend

Nick provided the images in raw format, hand drawn to perfection where Louise then took them and filled them with colour and converted them into digital format for print.

"Nick was fantastic to work with on this, he has an unrivaled imagination perfect for bringing my characters to life." - L.E.Lench


Flo is a young Elephant, she is best friends with Teddy (a Tiger) The Flo and Teddy books are aimed at 2 - 5 year olds, all books have a longer storyline than normal, allowing for more reading time with your children. Storylines are calming, contain no vulgar words and each contain a moral. In Book 1 they visit the fair for the very first time. They experience the thrills of the rides and when Flo accidentally loses something very important to Teddy they soon realise that friendship is far more important than material items.

There are 6 books in the series. This project is to fund the first book, if we raise more than our goal then we may be able to fund the start of the second book also fingers crossed

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