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Nursery Schools in NW London

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Hoppie Wed 24-Jul-13 13:47:36

My little boy is 18 months and I am looking for nurseries for him. We live in Hampstead and I have so far seen several local to us. Whilst they are lovely they are extortionate (nearly £4000 a term), which is completely unaffordable for us, and crazy money. Can anyone recommend a nursery near to Hampstead/West Hampstead/Belsize, that is still excellent but won't completely break the bank?! Thanks so much.

TinyTear Thu 01-Aug-13 12:55:54

At that age it's tough. I live in Hampstead and when we looked at 8 months there were 2 options. - A lot more options for children over 2 and 3...

for an 18 month old it's either Little Acorns on the way to Gospel Oak which is part of the Hampstead Hill School group - my daughter goes there and we love it - or the Activity Nursery up by Christ Church...

And yes, it is expensive, but it will go down when she turns 2 and goes to Hampstead Hill... it's worth it, in my opinion to see a happy child, growing.playing, learning...

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