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what clothes to wear

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nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 15:06:46

dd1 starts pre-school in august


i went to enroll her, etc etc etc

the school secretary said "oh you can buy t shirts and sweaters with ____ pre-school written on it"

the t shirts were nice cotton, they are a lovely red colour and they were a great price so i bought a couple of t shirts and a sweater

now im panicking that dd1 will be the only child with a 'uniform' and will be the odd one out

also, obviously she doesnt have to wear one every day (although i know she will want to) but what does she wear with it? the school uniform, is a grey skirt, but because she is at preschool can she wear jeans etc, i am confused

tortoise Mon 05-Jun-06 15:10:23

My dd normally wears pre-school top.Its their uniform.Sometimes its dirty so she doesn't wear which is the same as others do.Trousers i normally go for are leggings.Easy to pull up and down for using the loo.shorts or skirt in nice weather.

zubb Mon 05-Jun-06 15:14:57

at our pre-school probably about a quarter of kids wear the schools t-shirts. Ds1 does as for some reason he decided that he couldn't go unless he had his pre-school t-shirt and jumper, and refused to wear other t-shirts.

nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 15:16:52

dont know why i said jeans as dd1 doesnt wear jeans, she is a skirt girl, and loves hippy, gypsy skirts

would that be ok?

she does wear legging type trousers sometimes in the winter, mostly

lexiemum Mon 05-Jun-06 16:10:57

DD1 will be wearing the pre-school tshirts and sweaters from sept, once she starts mornings - shes now on 2 pms but no uniform - well just mummy's (tesco / george - cheap and easy to replace!)

Will be teaming with leggings, jeans, 3/4 trousers - no skirts or shorts for only reason that its a bit of extra covering every time they fall or trip!

Gillian76 Mon 05-Jun-06 16:14:09

Yes nailpolish, IME I would say anything goes. There will be children wearing the t-shirts with skirts, trousers, shorts.

Again I would say about 25% with "uniform" at our nursery.

CountessDracula Mon 05-Jun-06 16:14:20

Can you not go and see what the other kids are wearing to put your mind at rest?

nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 16:26:56

we have a little visit tomorrow, co-incidently, for an hour, i shall take note of what the others are wearing!


Uwila Mon 05-Jun-06 16:54:04

Have you been to tour the school when it's in session? My DD starts nursery (attached to the primary) in Oct. None of the nursery kids were wearing a uniform. I asked about it, and the teacher said there was no dress code for nursery. They just wear what they are comfortable in. Reception and up wear the uniform.

nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 16:55:32

yes i have one tomorrow afternoon Uwila!

Uwila Mon 05-Jun-06 17:07:16

YEah yeah... I didn't read it 'til after I posted. I'm caught up now.

nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 17:09:16

what if none of them are wearing the school t shirts or jumpers

i will have wasted money

dd1 will insist on wearing them

SURELY others will

REALLY looking forward to going to school

nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 17:09:45

i went to school there and it doesnt look like its changed much

need to check my name is still scratched in the desk

Kelly1978 Mon 05-Jun-06 17:12:11

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Uwila Mon 05-Jun-06 17:13:20

If no one else is wearing, but DD wants to wear them, then let her. The only problem I see is if SHE doesn't want to wear them cause no one else is. I was kind of disappointed that they din't send me off to buy one. I think kids in uniforms are very cute. Oh well, I'll just have to wait another year.

nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 17:14:33

im pretty sure she will want to wear it

if no-one else is she will be sad but not care one jot

nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 17:15:14

and yes, i agree with you, if she wants to wear it and no-one else is i shall very proudly let he wear it

Uwila Mon 05-Jun-06 17:17:15

She might be a trend setter. For example, should our DD's be going to the same school (which of course they aren't, but if they were) I might sopt cute uniform and "Hey (Uwila's DD), do want one of the nice jumpers?" and proceed to put it on her (even if she said no).

elliott Mon 05-Jun-06 17:18:19

At ds1's preschool a few of the kids wear the uniform, most don't. Its a non-issue really. I don't think ds1 has even noticed it - he is sooo not like a little girl!

Uwila Mon 05-Jun-06 17:18:24

DDs, not DD's (oh I hate when people don't know plural from psessive and now I've just done it!)

nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 17:21:14

they dont really bother at this age do they?

dd1's little friends wear combats all the time, dd1 wears skirts, i dont think they hardly notice

and her little friends are not going to the same school as her, i thought she would be upset but she just said "i can make new friends then mummy and see X and Y after school!"


jenkel Mon 05-Jun-06 18:00:19

My dd's preschool have a blue polo shirt and blue sweat shirt, so she normally wears this with a couple of skirts that I keep just for school (she is quite girlie and doenst like wearing jeans). However for the summer I have bought her a couple of blue gingham school dresses which she wears and she loves wearing them. Its not compulsory that she wears the uniform but it certainly helps me and all the other children wear the uniform. But a friends nursery also has a uniform and none of the children seem to wear it.

KristinaM Mon 05-Jun-06 18:04:52

nailpolish - if the t shirts and cheap and good quality, then lots of other mums will have had the same idea as you. so dont worry

honestly, cheap, well made, easily washed uniform is every mums dream. they shoudl have to all wear it all the time. then no more rows about clothes. heaven

nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 18:17:13

oh i LOVE these gingham dresses, im sure ive seen some of the girls wearing red ones

where do you get them?

dd would ADORE one

nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 18:17:55

oh and thats a good point kristina, thanks

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