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What do you think about staff kissing your child in nursery?

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treestrees Mon 08-Jul-13 13:07:36

Hi - saw an interesting article on this topic on

Just wondered what everyone else thinks? I feel quite sad that some nurseries don't even encourage children to sit on staff members' laps for very long. My son goes to a nursery and a childminder and I think it is so important for him to get cuddles and kisses!

RobinBedRest Sat 13-Jul-13 17:54:57

I don't think kisses are essential, but wouldn't be bothered either. I would be worried about any setting that discouraged cuddles and sitting on laps, especially for younger children.

I saw my osteo through my pregnancy and now my DD is 18mo I take her sometimes. She treats her whilst she toddles about and once kissed the top of her head. I jumped a bit in suprise but wasn't a bit bothered, and this is someone who was only with her for half an hour. I think toddlers just bring out that kind of affection in most people.

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