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'sports day'

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thegreylady Wed 26-Jun-13 21:52:09

My dgs is 4 and in his last term in the Nursery class at the school where he will be in Reception in September.Last year he had his first experience of Sports Day-he had no interest at all in the procedure and didn't seem to grasp the idea of racing even though he watched his elder brother compete.
This year we assumed he would be different but once again he just hopped,skipped and jumped along,sitting down for a while and playing with a beanbag.His mum and others were encouraging him to run but he didn't want to.At the end he was offered a sticker 'for trying' but he said "No thankyou,I wasn't trying!"
he can read a little,write and count.He can ride his bike for a couple of miles [no stabilisers] and has swimming lessons.He plays boisterous games with his friends but seems to have no concept of competition at all.
Has anyone else experienced a child like this?Is it normal[ish]?

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