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Daughter starting Nurserey in Sep..and managing a newborn. Help.

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MommyBird Mon 24-Jun-13 17:08:59

Hi there smile
so yes, our 2nd lg is due the 2nd of August..and our 1st lg starts Nurserey the start of September (morning time, 8-11)

I like planning so im thinking about it now, trying to make some sort of plan on paper.
Our 2nd will be about 4/5ish weeks so im hoping we will in somesort of routine before our 1st starts nurserey. My oh has got 4 weeks patetnity leave and my mom bless her, has booked the 1st week of sep off so she can help with our girls smile
My dad will be taking me and my lg to nurserey in the morning (have to be there for 8) and i'll be catching the bus with baby to pick my daughter up (at 11)

Has anyone else been in the same position and have you got any tips on routine?
I know the obvious like getting clothes ready/tea sorted/ etcetc the night before.
How do you fit the grand parents in? They come down on a Sat or Sun atm but would prefer to keep weekends going out places with our girls, like a family day, zoo or something like that!
Im just abit nervous about having 2 majour things happen so close together.
Any tips or advice would be fab! smile

Fizzypop001 Mon 24-Jun-13 18:11:39

Looks like you got lots of support dont worry you will be fine. Just look forward to it. Ive had to do lots of nursery trips while pregnant and after i had baby and i was ok but was hard sometimes dont worry youll be fine your their mum and life sometimes is hard and easy but you just got to get on with it good luck and hope everything goes well for you

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