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Moving to Streatham with a preschooler and a baby...

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Lozario Wed 26-Jun-13 22:40:40

Hello, we're Tulse Hill end too and there are good groups in the Salvation Army hall in Tulse Hill, we also go to the toddler group at Chatsworth Baptist Church hall on Chatsworth Way on a wednesday and they have a baby group on a Friday too. (Lots of child minders at the wednesday group)

Hitherfield currently has a toddler group on a monday morning but it changes each term; they will also have a programme of activities over the summer which would be a good way to settle in.

gettingbettereveryday Sun 16-Jun-13 14:11:25

thanks, that's good to hear!
I'm not on Facebook but will get my husband to search for that group!

KatieLily12 Sun 16-Jun-13 13:29:03


I'm Tulse Hill based so I can recommend Bea's Baby Bop (there's a Facebook page), join the streatham mums Facebook page (great source in local info) and Brockwell Park is brilliant. Fairly sure Streatham has loads of groups on but I tend to head towards Brixton or Herne Hill.


gettingbettereveryday Sun 16-Jun-13 13:24:37

Hi there

Fingers crossed, we are moving to a house between Streatham Hill and Tulse Hill in the next few weeks and my 3yo daugther will start at Hitherfield Nursery in September.

We are moving from SW11 and I grew up in SW4 so reasonably familiar with the area, but would LOVE some recommendations for the best places to take kids! Cafes, parks, classes, drop ins...anything like that, your thoughts would be most welcome!

Would also love to meet any parents who are around and would like to get together! Also, we have a lovely nanny Monday-Wednesday and she is really keen to get to know other nannies in Streatham too (not that parents and nannies can't mingle obviously!).

Look forward to hearing from you, thanks. Have also posted on the local board but just in case...

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