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Change nursery/ pre-school

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lizardqueenie Sat 08-Jun-13 08:43:05

Would really appreciate some advice as I've got some advice on here before for this situation..

My DD is 3 this oct & has been going to a day nursery for 2 days a week since last Nov so for 6 months. Age is in a mass with 2-3 year olds. Generally she's very happy there, tells me about her day, recites songs she has learnt, is proud of her paintings, cooking etc. have always been impressed with staff friendliness & communication too.

My daughter is very chatty at home & I know she is likely to be shyer at nursery but her reviews have shown that she hardly speaks to the staff or other children. She will answer if they say what drink or sandwich would you like for example but won't engage with other things. They have suggested getting her to work in smaller groups to help her gain the confidence to open up a bit but not sure if this is making much progress.

Also they have reported it is quite difficult to get her to eat at mealtimes (have to remind her to have each mouthful- although no problem when it comes to pudding!) so they have suggested buying a timer at home to encourage her to eat within a specified time. I can see the logic but am not comfortable with that for all kinds of reasons.

So now I'm wondering whether she us actually very happy there. I asked her if she wanted to talk to her friends/ teachers & she became a bit tearful & stressed & said she didn't want to.

So now I am wondering if a different setting will help, maybe a pre-school that's a shorter day 9-3 although I'd have to get my mum to help on the days I work with drop off/ pick up. But how would I know if it would make a difference? Don't want to leave the nursery & for it to be the same somewhere else. Really grateful for advice/ voices of experiences on this

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