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Moving to Hertfordshire or Enfield: Any recommendations re. pre-/primary schools..?

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Lynnsky77 Fri 07-Jun-13 12:33:19

Hi there,

We'll be moving towards London this summer and are looking at Hertfordshire, e.g. Hitchin or Letchworth, and Enfield. Our boy is only 1 1/2 years young at the moment but we'd like to move somewhere within the catchment area of a good primary school (preferably with a nursery school)..

Would anyone have any recommendations or even warnings, e.g. which school or area to avoid....?

Thank you so much smile


TenthMuse Thu 20-Jun-13 13:52:52

Hi there,
Just came across this and didn't want to leave it unanswered. I live in Enfield and am a teacher. As with much of London, there's a bit of a school place crisis at the moment, especially in the west of the borough, so catchments for the best schools are very tight. Quite a few of the most sought-after schools are Church schools so there's a fair bit of fair weather church attendance! Here are a few of the better schools (they're mostly in the more affluent north/west side of Enfield). Many of these schools are expanding or have already done so, which may well ease the pressure on places slightly, but will mean they're quite big for primary level (in some cases 3/4 form entry):

Church schools:
St Michael's (CofE; Enfield Chase)
St Paul's (CofE; Winchmore Hill)
St George's (Catholic; Enfield Chase)
St Monica's (Catholic; Palmers Green)

Community schools:
Walker (Southgate; excellent reputation but a nightmare to get into)
Grange Park (Winchmore Hill)
Eversley (Winchmore Hill)
Raglan (Bush Hill Park)
Hadley Wood (smallish, a bit out of the way, but good)

Not so sure about Hitchin - did used to work in Herts, but more St Albans area. Have heard that William Ransom (non-church) and St Andrew's (church) are very sought after though. Hope that helps!

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