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Preschools in Orpington

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BuffOrpingtonChick Fri 24-May-13 12:14:43

Anyone got any advice or experience of Orpington preschools? Charterhouse looks like the best overall - I've narrowed my search to Ofsted Outstanding settings in BR5 and BR6, then decided I don't want a church hall... not religious and toddler groups in them always seem a bit dusty blush so a dedicated setting would be better. So have looked at the Montessori one Bright Start in Crofton area too. Any experience of either or other ones I should consider? Thanks thanks oh and I love the idea of a 'forest school' type thing where outside play is really valued - Bright Start seems to include this but not sure of other options. DS isn't currently in childcare so I feel a bit clueless tbh, just looked on the Bromley website at preschools. I know Charterhouse has a two year waitlist shock

ParakeetsInTheGarden Fri 24-May-13 22:44:10

I didn't have remotely as many criteria as you.... we just went to visit the nearest preschools to us... But DS1 is at Charterhouse. We were only on the waiting list (though fairly high up I think), but still got a space in the end. He is very happy there, and is forever asking if it's a preschool day when it isn't. They were particularly good with him in the early weeks when he would get quite upset at drop off. I've sometimes felt like communication between them and us could be a bit better, though I probably bear some responsibility for that, but generally we are happy with it. The facilities are pretty new, and the children have access to some outdoor space throughout the morning, and all go out in a bigger area towards the end.

I'm pretty sure I've heard good things about Bright Start too, although I can't remember exactly what was said, and it's not one of the ones we looked at. All the ones we approached were very happy for us to visit, and I found it very useful, so I'd definitely suggest going to see a few.

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