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good nurseries around Camden

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marapat Sat 11-May-13 19:45:10

Hello all,

We have a 7-week old baby boy and given that both my husband and I have not grown up in the UK, we are asking for help on nurseries and how to choose them. We live in Camden Town, we already wrote to St. Mark's Square, and we have passed in front of Regents Park Nursery a number of times. We understand that one has to visit nurseries before deciding, but below are some questions I have if you have time to help us.

1- Do you know of any other good/really good nurseries in the area? Public or private it does not matter.
2- Do you have good/bad experiences or have you heard anything about the two nurseries above?
3- Are we moving too early, or are the waiting lists for good nurseries as crazy as those for older kinds?
4- We hope our boy will be academic-minded, and as such we have already a good idea of where to send him afterwards in our area, but should we be considering sending him to nurseries further away from CT in order to get 'the right cv' for applying to other schools later on?

Thank you!

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