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positive comments about my DS from pre-school - I'm so happy!!!

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sparklemagic Wed 17-May-06 22:27:45

Just had to put this on here tonight even though it's late and prob no-one will read it. Just want to write it down.

My DS had to move pre-schools in January as I was so concerned by the lack of warmth and understanding and nurturing being shown by his (private) nursery...he's at our local preschool now. He's been rather clingy, and they let me stay longer than all the other mums for WEEKS, made no comments about it, and let me and DS decide for ourselves when he was ready for me to go at the same time as all the other mums.

He can be contrary and opinionated and not very biddable, and they seem to have let him be himself and never exerted pressure on him to conform or join in.

So we've finally come to the stage where he hares around with the other kids outside preschool, we go in and I kiss him and leave. And today, as I was going, one of the staff looked at DS and said such a lovely comment about him - it really showed they have looked at him and listened to him and valued his own personality and I'm just so HAPPY for him and me!!!!!

That's all!

TheFlameWhoWasAfraidOfTheDark Thu 18-May-06 00:40:03

I'm sooo pleased for you. My DD has only been going since March, and she is finally going in without me having to sit her down and play with her, and she even came home telling me about another child, which I think indicates she is at least listening to others, even if she's not talking.

You must be so pleased to see him somewhere he can grow (now he sounds like a plant, but ykwim).

coppertop Thu 18-May-06 06:21:27

It sounds as though this is exactly the right pre-school for your ds. I'm really pleased for you both.

Twiglett Thu 18-May-06 07:37:44

that's lovely

what did nursery staff say?

I have a strong faith in state schools over private nurseries for no particular reason (gut feeling and something to do with the lack of financial motivation involved)

sparklemagic Thu 18-May-06 10:13:41

oh thanks folks! not sure anyone would read it, just wanted to write it down!

Twigg, the staff member said about DS that they were all putting their claims in to knowing him once, as they were sure he was going to do something amazing one day like discover life on mars!!!!!!!! I was so gobsmacked, it was lovely...they certainly weren't saying he is clever or advanced or anything at all along those lines, because he isn't showing signs of that! It's just that they obviously think he has something special in his personality, which for me is just the best thing they could ever have said to me.

Because DS is quirky and strong minded and I have worked damn hard not to squash that, despite pressure from in-laws particularly about how he should be parented.....

just felt so pleased for DS that they appreciated him.

thanks again.

sparklemagic Thu 18-May-06 10:17:33

theflame, meant to add that this is exactly how my DS started to really settle, by looking at the other kids and telling me things he had notied about them - kids are learning an awful lot when they are doing this. And it seems a sensible child to me who listens and learns, then takes part....

Sure your DD will be fully settled before you know it!

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