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My Pre-school only applied for 37 weeks funding instead of 38.

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Oblomov Wed 24-Apr-13 16:36:43

My Pre-school only applied for 37 weeks funding instead of 38. They made an administrative error. The county council did not comment. (Bet they didn't because they were saving money by only having to give 37 weeks money for all the children, instead of 38, which could add up to quite a lot, one presumes).
Nursery published its calendar dates.
Then some of the parents approached them, asking why the nursery was closing early, why it wasn't open one week.
And they admitted that they had made a miscalculation.
And that was that. That was all they said.

Well actually i am a bit very cross. I had to arrange for my son to be looked after. I had to pay extra chilcare. Whilst I went to work and my eldest ds1 was still at school that week, because his school was open, as my youngests pre-school also really should have been. It cost me alot and was very incovenient.

But the other thing is , that it sems so silly, becasue my son is 'entitled' to this funding from the county council.

My nursery is fabulous. And I didn't want to be a pain. But my son is leaving there in a few months to start school. And I knew that many many of the parents had holidays booked for quite a few of the weeks , in the next couple of months.
So I thought to myself. No harm in asking.
So I asked. "It is it possible for my son to have the days that he is supposed to, can you fit them in, in the next few months"= basically what I asked.

They refused. It would be unfair to the other parents if they offered me something that they can not offer to all paretns.
That argument seems a bit weak.
Plus I don't want to sound like a 'entitled maradona', which I am sure I am sounding here wink, but seriously, am I right in thinking that my son is seriously entiteld to this. I am quite out of pocket. And the council must be laughing all the way to the bank!!

and the fact they made an admin error, in the number of weeks they calculated, when making their county council application, is really their issue, not mine.

They can offer me extra days. I know this because 8 parentsh have told me that they are going on holiday , so their child won't be in nursery for a week, in May and June. So I 'assume' that if 8 children are away for a week. Then the nursery should not have 'too' much problem in offering me the days I have missed.

But they will not.

Is there anything I can do? Or it is pointless?

RegularVoltaire Thu 25-Apr-13 23:03:07

Just typed a reply and lost it ... I'll try again ...

You're right iborolass, it is no fewer than 38 weeks, I was thinking of something different.

In this case though the nursery could open the required number of weeks, it just made an administrative error.

RegularVoltaire Thu 25-Apr-13 23:14:54

Actually scrap that, I'm pretty sure that it's the Councils duty to ensure that there are sufficient childcare providers who do offer a minimum of 38 weeks but not all providers have to offer it ...

lborolass Fri 26-Apr-13 18:58:06

This is just illustrating even more that the process isn't transparent and is disadvantaging some parents through no fault of their own - did you manage to find out any further information today Oblomov?

toomanyprojects Sun 28-Apr-13 21:39:13

I am an Administrator for a Pre-School and it is a headache trying to work out hours to claim for each child. Our county does it by total hours per child so I need to look at Mondays for B/Hols etc. If a child does more that 15 hours you need to work out which sessions to charge for ie the day of the week with the least days per term in if that makes sense. It was probably the autumn term they miscalculated - I miscounted the weeks as week and had to redo the invoices - it was longer than usual.
Our Council is hot on the total number of hours you can claim - 570 a year and I need to do a running total on each child for that as well - it is not as easy as you might think - the running total starts from the child's first funded term so if the child is three in March the count starts in the summer term and goes through to the following spring - this causes problems if Easter is early one year and late the next like this year- the summer is a lot longer than normal and the spring term was shorter but next year it will be more even. So a child this term could claim 13 weeks next autumn 14 but that means only 11 left for next spring..

I am sure that the pre-schools do not HAVE to offer the 15 hrs over 38 weeks although they are certainly encouraged to, a private one near us is closing one week into July. Our Council form states that it is parent choice whether to go to a setting which does not offer the full entitlement.

Some Councils let you make amendments for mistakes like this - ours does not. If it happens to me I would do who the OP tried to do and offer extra sessions in the termtime but of course this is dependent on spaces and if you have a full time child there is nothing you can offer them.

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