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Help my son came home from school upset

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SpudMum Tue 16-May-06 16:47:03

Allo everyone,
I have My son and two of his mates here trying to find the chat about this Guinness Book of World Records Chain Letter that was happining at 11:00am between Mum's that have found it to be a hoax. Please tell me how I can find it again to prove to them what has been said.

Blossomhill Tue 16-May-06 16:53:13

What exactly is it?

MeAndMyBoy Tue 16-May-06 16:54:59

Is this the thread you meant?

chain letter

H x

JanH Tue 16-May-06 16:56:11

It's here , spudmum

JanH Tue 16-May-06 16:58:25

(btw this hoax has been going for years, GWR know about it and always issue a notice saying it's a hoax when it's publicised again - it's not their fault. It's like collecting milk bottle caps for wheelchairs. There are some mean people out there.)

LIZS Tue 16-May-06 17:07:07

It 's daft because noone benefits .

SpudMum Tue 16-May-06 17:41:44

Thank you all for the correct way to get to the correct thread.
Now that I have the thread the three boys are outside playing.
I will have to say my son is upset to find out that this was a hoax and one mate was angry because he had already sent out his 7 chain letters.
From the mouth of babes: "Why would somebody start this if it wasn't true? What did they think? If at all? That's just mean."
But thanks again for the thread because I can have my son read through it to know it's not just Mum tampering.

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