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When to start looking at nurseries????

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Mumof2beautys Sat 20-Apr-13 22:42:49

Hi all...
My beautiful boy has just turned 2..I've always said he'd start nursery when he was 3 ish.. I moved to cleveleys just before he was born so I dont really know any in the area to go for.. I was just wondering when I should start looking.. People told me now but I rang a nursery and they said to ring back in 6 months time.. I'm just worried about leaving it too long..
And schools too?.. When should I start looking at those? I'm panicking... I don't want him to end up in a rubbish school... Any advice would be great thank you...

Barbeasty Mon 22-Apr-13 13:20:02

In terms of school applications, so long as you apply by the deadline for your rear of entry it makes no difference. So I think (if I've worked it out right) you will need to apply by around Jan 2015 to start school in Sep 2015.

It makes no difference at all if you apply earlier, it depends entirely on the published entry criteria and how well you meet them.

It wouldn't hurt to look at these now, especially if you're looking at faith schools where you need to prove church attendance etc.

For nurseries it can vary hugely. If you're looking at a "pre-school" style nursery then some will have 1 intake in the September, some will take children as and when throughout the year.

Some give out places in the order people put their name down, others by distance.

I'd phone around a couple of others that you're interested in, and see what they say.

Lurkymclurker Mon 22-Apr-13 16:40:16

I was just wondering this, DD is 19 months and parents of her peers are applying for preschool places now, I am not sure if they are super proactive or if I am behind?

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