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Moving to Aberdeen---good nursery/preschool?

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ClaraKiso Sun 07-Apr-13 05:43:19

We are going to move to Aberdeen from the US this July. I am currently looking at nursery school for my girl who will be 3 years old this Sept.

Since we are living in the area of AB15 5ND, I called most of the nursery schools in the area, and found Bruce, St Swithin, and Timber Kinder Garden have available spot for my girl. I also put her on the waiting list of Rocking Horse. I am not sure the quality of these schools. And, should I put her in a nursery that have attachment with the future elementary school?

Any recommendation is appreciated.

Butterkistbutterkistrarara Sun 21-Apr-13 07:45:21

Hi, I am not in Aberdeen but do live in Scotland. You can check out the Care Inspectorate website for the nurseries recent gradings. Nurseries attached to local authority primary schools will really only offer part time places, either a morning or afternoon session, while private nurseries are open from about half 7 till 6. So it will depend on what suits you best. You can also check the Education Scotland site for the primary schools inspection report. Your local council website should tell you what your catchment primary school is, the Scottish system for starting school is far easier than the English system. Any queries just shout.

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