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Fundraising/awareness-raising for pre-school

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WayneKerr Tue 19-Mar-13 16:58:38

I've just joined the committee of DS's pre-school. We're planning to attend a large summer fayre organised by the city council, and I'm looking for ideas for what we could do on our stall.

Other committee members are suggesting the usual lucky dip/tombola/selling toys, but we're desperate to recruit more children as well as raise funds, so my idea is to have something really eye-catching, fun and unusual to draw parents to us. It needs to be low cost, easy to transport/do, that we could perhaps charge a tiny amount to take part.

Any ideas?

I saw a playgroup do something similar last summer, they constructed a fire engine out of a playframe and cardboard boxes. Kids came along to paint it, and the staff/committee collared all the parents to give them leaflets etc whilst the kids were painting. That's the kind of idea I'm looking for, but with less hassle (the people doing that one had difficulty getting all the gear across the field, and clearing up after).

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