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preschool in Bayswater – anyone with current experience at Hallfield Primary School?

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fancab Sat 02-Mar-13 23:47:40

Hello! I leave in London Bayswater and I'm looking for a nursery/pre-school for my soon-to-be 3yo DD in my area (tubes: Royal Oak/Bayswater/Queensway... up to Ladbroke Grove). The options seem to be: a very good catholic school (but DD not baptised), CoE or state schools which are barely OFSTED-satisfactory, and a lot of very expensive options. I thought Hallfield would do as their nursery+reception is actually rated good by OFSTED, and they seem to be working hard at improving the school. I love the building and outside space, we live in a tiny flat and DD needs to be outdoor as much as possible. The past 3 years have been hell money-wise so I'd be relieved if I could stop paying fees (there'll still be plenty to pay, from Breakfast Club to After-School club, as I work full-time). Plus if school goes on improving, by the time DD starts her first year it will hopefully be rated good. Does anyone have direct, current experience with the school, and particularly nursery? Would you recommend? I hope you can help, thank you!

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