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Settling at preschool - behaviour

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Winterton Tue 19-Feb-13 22:51:47

I wanted to get some advice on how to deal with DDs move to preschool and check whether I am being pfb (which is possible!)

She has been at a day nursery since she was 8m (3 days) and everything has always been completely smooth - she was pretty young at the start so poss made it easier as not known different. V happy, reports always positive "she had a good day", played well with other kids, did what was asked of her etc etc. At home, she's pretty easy, will try it on a bit but stops when told firmly, quite calm. Is only child so gets lots of attention but I think we're pretty firm.

She started preschool couple of weeks ago (is 3.5yrs btw) it's bigger, so about 25 in total, she's now youngest. More now about sitting quietly in circle, doing the set activity, waiting to be served lunch etc. Also we're not in the UK and most kids here pretty quiet and well behaved, DD is generally loudish by local standards but not by UK standards if I can stereotype for a minute!

So every day now I pick her up and the report is that she is running round screaming (excitement / manic) pulling out all the toys, breaking stuff screaming when they try to get her to tidy up, not joining the other kids for meals, refusing to do as she's told. This is for a fair part of the day but not all of it and for some of the teachers more than others. The teachers are talking about doing activities in smaller groups next week and reckon this will suit her better, giving her space to go to when she needs a break. She doesn't seem upset, more over excited and stroppy but said she is cross with school today. I meanwhile am typical working mother guilt / emotionally a bit bound up in it, it's PFB dammit!!!

So wise Mnetters, am I doomed to a delinquent child, how can I help them / her sort it out....or is this common and will sort itself in a few weeks? I'm used to DD being the "good girl", not the one that people shake their heads at ......

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