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Interview with 15 minutes teaching phase 1 letters and sounds

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Greywacke Thu 14-Feb-13 12:18:18

No TA experience but do have teaching experience. Do you know what topic they want you to teach? Make sure that for the last five minutes of the lesson you are checking their understanding of the topic. One question you may be asked is how you can be sure each child in the room understood the topic.

1996timeforchange Wed 13-Feb-13 18:16:19

I've got a interview Friday for TA and been asked to do a 15 minute teaching slot with nursery / Reception children , Whilst i'm used to working in a childcare profession, I've never had a interview in a school before, scared is a understatement, i so don't want to embarrass myself, I just wondered if anyone has any experience and how it went for them if they had, Helpful replies would be so so grateful to settle my nerves .

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