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Outdoor play for over 2 hrs

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oinker Mon 11-Feb-13 20:45:20

My 3 year old is at nursery 3 hrs a day 5 days a week.
He loves it there which makes me really happy......BUT he tells me he's always playing outside in the garden. Is this acceptable? I'm more worried about his health rather than anything else. DS has had a cough, runny/blocked nose and chest infection since he started there 3 months ago........

He's quite new at the nursery. Whilst doing settling in (10 days) he played outside but also did lots of arts and crafts, home corner and building with blocks which he loves (he did).
During our cold snowy patch he came home frozen to the core. His cheeks were red and his legs were frozen and were so prickly and hurting him that i put him in a warm bath just to warm up...
I challenged the nursery and they basically said he was only outside for 10 minutes as this is what they'll allow in cold weather, children are then encouraged to go in for a while.
Along with another mum we have done our spying and have witnessed our kids out in the garden for nearly 2 hours. Both kids did disappear out of site for about 5 minutes in that time I assume to use the loo.
When I asked my 3 year old what they'd been doing during the day he said that he'd played outside with the sand. He told me the truth.... I had seen him do this.
Can anyone tell me what the protocol is with early years education. The nursery have open play areas. There is loads to do inside, their garden door is always open for kids to wander in and out as they please... sometimes without their coats.
Any advice....

SamSmalaidh Thu 14-Feb-13 10:36:14

No they won't - next Ofsted inspection they'll have the doors open all day and one member of staff dedicated to helping children get their hats/coats/wellies on and off.

I wouldn't find 10 minutes or less a day acceptable though - you are the customer, complain!

sanam2010 Thu 14-Feb-13 16:03:49

actually seeker, they just had an Ofsted inspection and were rated good across all areas! (as Samsmalaidh guessed). They do "outdoor" play but in their indoor hall, not actually outdoors in terms of outside. I think they only need to leave the room according to Ofsted, not the building?

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