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Chelsea/Fulham Nursery Advice

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JanuaryMommy Mon 11-Feb-13 13:09:58

Can someone please advise me which nurseries in Fulham/Chelsea/Kensington are good "feeders" for the following schools which I am thinking of for my daughter:

Garden House
Cameron House
Knightsbridge School
Thomas' Fulham
Frances Holland
Eaton House The Vale

I can only think of Miss Daisy's Chelsea but need a few backups!

Any comments on schools also greatly appreciated!

Shook22 Wed 27-Feb-13 18:06:41

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Paribus Tue 30-Apr-13 23:58:31

Too late for the reply but i guess still might be useful-
a) Garden house has it's own nursery, the child has to have an assessment prior to the entry,
b) Eaton house the Vale is non- selective, thus doesn't have a "feeding nursery" per se,
c) Thomas's has its' own nursery I think- but I might be wrong!
d) Knightsbridge school has its' own nursery but only for siblings of those who already study at the school,
Hope it helps ;).

sanam2010 Sun 05-May-13 12:55:32

Thomas's Fulham doesn't have its own nursery, I think only the one in Clapham does. But an ex-head of Thomas's set up the Kindergartens, a chain of nurseries feeding into it. I found a good overview listing top feeders here - includes tadpoles, chelsea pre-prep, ringerose, pooh's corner etc

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