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World Book Day ideas for a two year old.

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TheonlyWayisGerard Sun 03-Feb-13 00:36:50

thanks 5mad.

5madthings Sun 03-Feb-13 00:34:02

Got it and replied smile

TheonlyWayisGerard Sun 03-Feb-13 00:30:17

I've PM'd you 5mad

ZooAnimals Sun 03-Feb-13 00:25:45

Just pick something you already have and find a book to go with it. Don't stress and don't get caught up in the competitive mum thing.

One of mine went as Danny Champion of the World one year, jeans and a red jumper with a sticker that said 'Danny' on it.

5madthings Sun 03-Feb-13 00:25:22

Well I can send you the dress to borroiw if you like? My dd is tall as well, with black leggings its fine, my dd did wear it with spotty ladybird patterened leg warmers but she grew out of them sad

TheonlyWayisGerard Sun 03-Feb-13 00:23:10

She's quite sizeable, 95ish cm and nearly 15kg. It's the first week of March I think, so I have some time.

5madthings Sun 03-Feb-13 00:21:01

How big is she? I have a last bird dress that my two yr old dd wears. I put it with black leggings and you can get kasybird wings and a lady bird headband.

She could be Gaston the ladybird from Ben and holly there are books to go with the series.

When do you need the costume by?

TheonlyWayisGerard Sun 03-Feb-13 00:16:59

Oh no! Not years of it! I don't remember this when I was young! I wish I was more handy with sewing and creativity really. Unfortunately, no longer ginger plait here, she has short blonde hair that won't do anything! She likes the 'That's not My...' books, so she could go as a fairy. Are there any more ballet-based books, other than Angelina Ballerina? I think this would be good, because she does like dancing.

Clary Sun 03-Feb-13 00:12:40

Don't forget the ginger plait!

TheonlyWayisGerard Sun 03-Feb-13 00:11:25

We haven't got any tiger-related books here. I can recite the Gruffalo and the Gruffalo's Child by heart though. She likes Room on the Broom, so she could dress up at the witch I guess, she has stripey tights from Halloween, and a cat stuffed toy she could take.

Clary Sun 03-Feb-13 00:11:08

LOL yes you do have it for years and years.

We have stopped now thank goodness - ds2 is 9 and in juniors where they run more to crazy hair for Comic Relef (crazy hair is not problemo here, we have that every day grin).

One I remember for DD was when she had a passion for the Rainbow Magic books and I put together an outfit based on one of them - it was just real clothes in the right colours plus some hair accessories and jewellery but looked good.

Startail Sun 03-Feb-13 00:07:39

DD would have wanted to be the little tiger that didnt want to go to bed.

I could recite that book grin

TheonlyWayisGerard Sun 03-Feb-13 00:04:31

She does ballet and tap, so Angelina Ballerina is a great idea!
She does have a Giraffe costume but its a bit snug. I like the butterfly idea, I'm not particularly crafty, but I could give it a go. I have years of this to come, don't I?

berryfreeze Sun 03-Feb-13 00:01:26

Make some butterfly wings and she can be the butterfly from the hungry caterpillar

Clary Sat 02-Feb-13 23:53:59

Liking Goldilocks. Red Riding hood is easy too, just a red cape which is easy to make if you are handy with a sewing machine, then any suitable dress and maybe a basket to hold.

omaoma Sat 02-Feb-13 23:53:12

Peter rabbit??? blue jacket, ears on headband, pair of slippers?
start with what you've got and reverse engineer i'd say!

Primrose123 Sat 02-Feb-13 23:53:01

*put not but

Clary Sat 02-Feb-13 23:52:53

Oooh they have got a fab Gruffalo outfit in Sainsbos, but I do hear you about spending ££ on one day.

What dress up do you have? That's usually where I start. Eg ballet outfit = Angelina Ballerina; witch = room on the broom. The mouse from the Gruffalo is easy if you have the right colour clothes and some ears on an Alice band.

Primrose123 Sat 02-Feb-13 23:52:10

Has she got blond hair? This is what we did one year - DD has longish blond hair, we curled it a bit, put her in a long princessy dressing up dress, but three teddies in a basket for her to carry, and she was Goldilocks and the three bears.

TheonlyWayisGerard Sat 02-Feb-13 23:48:34

I've had a letter from DD's nursery about world book day. They have to dress up. DD is only two, her favourite character from a book is probably the Gruffalo, but I am loathed to spend ££ on an outfit she will probably wear only once. Any ideas of an alternative?

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