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April or September

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ginnybag Wed 30-Jan-13 12:45:41

Looking for some advice.

DD (3 last week) is due to start preschool this year. We know which school she'll be going to, and we've applied for the preschool there as it's then, hopefully, a seamless transition for her into Reception.

Speaking to them yesterday, they stated that they 'aren't sure' they'll be doing an April intake, but if they are, she'll be offered a place to start after Easter, as she's one of the oldest on the waiting list for September.

Thing is, I'm not sure whether sending her now is a good idea:

In favour of her going: she's a bright child, already counting and learning letters - can recognise SATPIN out and about on shop signs and such - and is the oldest in her childcare setting by almost 6 months. CM freely admits she can't 'do much more with her'. Also she's started resisting going in the mornings and is saying she's bored, which may be true. She's confident, not shy, and is 'ready for school' in that sense.

Against her going: She's going to be one of the youngest in the new setting, by two years in some cases, because it's a free-flow setting for the Early Years, so she'll be mixing with Reception students. She's little, just barely out of 18-24 month clothes. She still naps most afternoons, and doesn't do well without it! She's only had three carers from birth - me, dad and fab CM. And she only potty trained in Dec, albeit both day and night, with very few accidents.

I'm also worried about her going for a few weeks, stopping fr the summer and gong back to her old routine and then having to start again in Sept.

Suggestions please?

Bakingtins Wed 30-Jan-13 14:08:13

If you are offered an Easter place, why don't you ask for just a couple of sessions a week for the term to ease her in and then send her "full time" (5 mornings?) in September. If you are not offered a place then decision made without you worrying about it.

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