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Any nursery (state or private) recommendations in London's Borough of Brent? [confused]

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rayman Wed 02-Jan-13 11:41:09

Hi, as a father of a 4.5 month old baby boy I am already starting the gruelling task of locating what would hopefully be the "best" nursery for my son in or around the Brent (Harrow is where we are based) area.

ANY help or advice on where/how to shortlist good, reputable nurseries/playgroups so I may put the LO on their waiting list would be hugely appreciated!

Many thanks in advance.


mumteacher Mon 07-Jan-13 00:18:29

Some nurseries are feeders into primary schools so that may influence your decision.

Will you go private or state for primary schools? There are some nurseries that help you prepare for private and there are some nurseries that feed into a local state school.

There's learning tree Montessori on Preston road
Harmony Montessori

Also what age would you want to start sending your son?

l8000r Tue 08-Jan-13 12:56:29

hello! I am not too sure on the area, but when I was looking for a Pre-school one of the mums on here recommended a Website called kidzcare compare. If you type your postcode in it will list all the nurseries and preschools in your area and some have reviews too.
Good Luck!

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