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full time at 3

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BackforGood Thu 10-Jan-13 18:48:43

Yes - mine all went 'school hours' to their Nursery, for their Nursery Year (3 - 4 yrs) as did all their peers, as it was the norm around here at the time.
It was great - they all fondly remember their time at that Nursery.

AmberSocks Tue 01-Jan-13 21:13:56

my son and daughter who are 3 and a half and 4 and a half are both at pre school,been there since september,they both like it and the eldest goes 5 mornings a week,the youngest 3 times.

I also have a son in reception and a 3 month old baby,I am really considering putting my aughter in the pre school full time from next september,for a few reasons-

It is a bit annoying having to drop them at school,go pick her up at 12,go home,go back out at 2.40,come back etc.they get tired out by it and so do i.

It would obviously give me a break!

It would give baby some time with me as he tends to get overloked a bit during the day,luckily he just sleeps but this will change as he gets older and more active.

Does anyone else have children who were full time at this age and are they ok?Do you feel like they are missing out on time with you?


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