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What does a 3 yo need to be able to do before starting pre school?

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Anothercuppatea Thu 27-Dec-12 16:03:37

My ds is 3.3yo and starts local ante pre school in January. I think in general he's doing fine against his peers. I'd like to think he is intelligent- I'm sure all parents do!
He speaks very well, is sociable. Is potty trained.
He is lazy with things like learning to take shoes on/ off.
He can take his jacket off, but can't put it on.
He can pull trousers/pants down to use toilet. But doesn't always manage to pull them up properly.
He also is lazy with learning letters/numbers. He can do some, but it obviously doesn't interest him so I haven't pushed it, as don't think it's that important yet.

Do you think there is anything I should be particularly working on with him before he goes?

sarahtigh Fri 28-Dec-12 21:40:23

he is toilet trained which is good they are generally happy to remind and deal with accidents, best to have spare pants and joggers in his bag

make sure velcro fastening shoes, they really can not do 30 pairs of laces/ buckles

he will learn soon to put coat on, lots of kids do stuff at nursery because everyone else does but not at home because mum does it

letters and numbers are schools job, it is not important yet, just keep reading and talking to him

will he ask the other adults re toilet needing a drink etc

my DD is just three she is bright articulate can count 3-5 things accurately if in the mood but if she knows you want her to do it she will do it wrong deliberately and laugh but does not recognise numbers or letters written down

avoid competitive parents like the plaque if you can

Anothercuppatea Sat 29-Dec-12 19:32:07

Thanks very much for the lovely reply. Yes I think he'd be fine asking to go to the toilet etc. He's been going to a daycare nursery a couple of mornings a week so he is used to that there. He can be temperamental sometimes though! One week he's all confident and bossy. The next he's decided he's shy and currently decided he's scared he will get 'lost' in his jumper when I pull it over his head!
He does the same as your daughter with the counting- if it's something he's asked to do, he often does it wrong and laughs!

Boardiegirl Sat 29-Dec-12 19:48:00

He sounds ready to me. As pp says, kids wil often do things for teacher that they dnt do at home cos mum or dad wil do it! He will do really well im sure. As for numeracy n literacy, schools have fab ways of making these absolutely irresistable so dnt worry there either! U may be asked to do 'homework' with your child so b prepared to buy craft stuff. Enjoy the freedom ul have! Gd luck to u both x

Bonbonchance Mon 07-Jan-13 23:14:59

I'm a nursery teacher, he sounds fine for starting! Toilet trained-big tick! As suggested just have spare pants & trousers (& maybe socks & spare top - wet sleeves from water paint etc) for accidents, pretty much all children will have one at some point (usually because they forget to go to the toilet as they're too busy!)

Don't worry about numbers & letters at all - it's very early stages & he'll be encouraged in all sorts of ways. You reading stories, talking, singing, saying nursery rhymes, now & again drawing attention to/ encouraging writing (eg when you're writing a shopping list, signing cards etc) is all helpful & he'll be encouraged to write & recognise his name (to begin with) at nursery. Numbers - things like bus numbers, number plates, house numbers, birthday cards etc will draw his attention to them but he's only 3, I wouldn't expect a child to recognise numbers so much just now.

Jacket - lots of children need help with zips etc and he'll be encouraged to be independent with dressing as much as he can and when he sees other children trying he'll be sure to have a go & get better!

I'm sure he'll love it!

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