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Montessori to Normal School...

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Goldmandra Wed 05-Dec-12 23:29:40

You need to go and look around the setting yourself and make up your mind about whether it would suit your son.

Some Montessori settings are amazingly prescriptive about what the children are allowed to do with which equipment. Without wishing to be critical of their approach I have to say that some parents may find their strict rules and routines hard to deal with.

I also know that there are some settings which say they follow Montessori methods yet are indistinguishable from other settings which simply follow the EYFS.

camdancer Tue 04-Dec-12 14:33:39

"Montessori" can cover a very wide range of preschools and ways of learning. It isn't a protected word so anyone can use it. Which means that one Montessori playgroup may not do things in the same way as another. A lot of Maria Montessori's methods have been adopted by schools especially in the foundation stage. So a lot depends on the type of playgroup, preschool and school. Sorry to be vague and wooly but there is a lot of rubbish spouted about Montessori being so different and unique. It really isn't a lot of the time.

lovemybabydoll Mon 03-Dec-12 10:58:03

Dear Mums

I am looking to enrol my DS (18mnths) into a Montessori playschool. If he enjoys it, then I will like him to remain there for 2 years before moving him into a pre school.
My question is - if he is in a Montessori environment exposed to Montessori way of playing and learning, will it be harmful or will he be disadvantaged by then moving him into a non Montessori school?
Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

Shani R

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