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Which nursery in Guildford?

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jasminder1 Mon 11-Mar-13 18:03:49

Hi, sorry for the late reply, just seen your thread - my DS goes to Lanesborough (started at nursery level) and I know that several boys first attended Drayton House Nursery, their parents couldn't rate it high enough. I don't think it will be everyone's cup of tea as it can come across as quite formal, my DS never went as we didn't live in the area then however my DD has recently joined and loves it, prior to this she attended Positive Steps and they were also very good although I feel she is doing more in terms of learning/reading etc at Drayton House.

Tabya876 Mon 26-Nov-12 16:31:31

Dear all

I'm moving to Guildford next summer and am looking for a preschool to send my son (curently 16 months) to until he is old enough to perhaps attend Lanesborough at 3, so he would attend for about 1 year.

There are a plethora of nurseries in that area (which is preferable) as my daughter will be attending reception nearby. I've come across Children's Centre, Positive Steps, Starfish, Drayton House and Asquith - does anyone have a view on the best ones to shortlist and visit?


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