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Advice please: Preschools & nurseries in Twickenham

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givemeasec Mon 12-Nov-12 18:06:40


Can anyone give me any current advice re preschools/nurseries in Twickenham? I don't work so it doesn't have to be a full daycare place. My ds is no longer happy at his current nursery so I'm looking for other options (all a but stressful as you can imagine - he was checking every day over half term that he wasn't going and then we had major tears from him on each of the three mornings he goes last week).

I'm wondering about St Mary's (an Asquith nursery) which is near us but also investigating Windsor Kindergarten (although fear the waiting list makes starting in January unlikely), Strawberry Hill Pre-School, Chestnuts and Riverside (again, probably an unlikely option for January). Does anyone have any views on any of those? Particularly St Mary's?

My ds is starting school in September (although will be young for his year - late July birthday) and quite a "busy" child so I think he needs a bit of structure (not all free play & snacks!).

Any advice you've got would be much appreciated! This nursery problem hasn't come at a great time since we're also having to sort out our school application!

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