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Decent Nursery in the Hampton/Feltham/Twickenham/Staines area?

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guyshahar Tue 30-Oct-12 17:08:29


Does anyone know of a good nursery within reasonable travelling distance of this area - for our 3 year old son?

So far, we have only found nurseries that do free-flow playing, but we are looking for a good nurturing environment that will also develop a sense of organisation/structure and some basic literacy/numberacy skills.

He has a statement, and so would be able to join a nursery even if it was attached to a school and we were outside the catchment area.

Any thoughts gratefully received.

Kittencatclaws Wed 04-Dec-13 21:22:10

Aston pierpoint is a lovely nursery. The staff and management team are great and the new owner is spending lots of money doing the place up- they do have the free flow thing going lol

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